Alpha Keratin 60ku™ is extracted from ethically-sourced human hair, so our bodies recognize it and treat it as our own. For the first time, we can actually repair hair—even after the damage is already done.

Virtue® Full Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Full Shampoo works to add volume while it cleanses. It dissolves excess oil, lifts the roots, and plumps each strand for weightless, long-lasting body....

Virtue® Full Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Full Conditioner thickens hair with each use without weighing hair down. It deeply moisturizes the hair, creating lasting lift, body, and luster.

Virtue® Smooth Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Smooth Shampoo works to both cleanse and calm unruly hair. Infused with restorative ingredients, it refines and de-frizzes strand by strand to seal in...

Virtue® Smooth Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Full Conditioner eliminates frizz with every shower. It soothes the cuticle, locks out humidity, and locks in moisture, giving hair a brilliant luster.

Virtue® Recovery Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Recovery Shampoo works to rebuild damaged hair with each use. It gently dissolves daily build-up while filling in cracks of damage to leave hair...

Virtue® Recovery Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Recovery Conditioner is a rich, luxurious conditioner that helps bring damaged hair back to life. It reconstructs frayed cuticles and brittle ends, infusing hair...

Virtue® Refresh Dry Shampoo

$ 32.00

Virtue® Refresh Dry Shampoo is a weightless spray that dispenses as a dry mist that works to soak up excess oils while adding health boosting...

Virtue® Split End Serum

$ 40.00

Virtue® Split End Serum helps repair and seal broken ends while it protects against future fraying.

Virtue® Un-Frizz Cream

$ 40.00

Virtue® Un-Frizz Cream is a leave-in treatment cream that works to condition and smooth hair, wet or dry, eliminating frizz and locking out humidity to...

Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask

$ 28.00

Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask with Alpha Keratin 60ku® actively rehabilitates hair in need of extra care for an instant infusion of shine, moisture, and resiliency...

Virtue® 6-in-1 Styler

$ 32.00

Virtue® 6-in-1 Styler is a universal styling cream that truly does it all. It primes hair to add softness, shine and light hydration while strengthening,...

Virtue® Moisture-Defining Whip

$ 36.00

Virtue® Moisture-Defining Whip is a weightless, hydrating mousse that works to enhance texture, add moisture, and define style—perfect for waves and curls alike.

Virtue® Lifting Powder

$ 34.00

Virtue® Lifting Powder is a weightless, invisible volumizing powder formulated to bring an immediate lift to hair and fullness that lasts all day.

It wasn't enough to create hyperclean, safe products. I wanted to create something beautiful and luxurious — something I could feel good using every day.

Alissa Bayer