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Our Story

Our Founder

Alissa Bayer launched milk + honey as a spa in 2006 and its founding principles were clear: to create an exceptional spa experience, commit to hyperclean ingredients, enrich our employee's lives, and give back to the community. Since then, we've grown our brand to include a collection of seven milk + honey locations, as well as a hyperclean line of bath, body, home, and skincare products.

When it came to developing milk + honey products, Alissa did not do it alone. A team of talented milk + honey estheticians, massage therapists, and stylists help to shape and create our products, providing crucial feedback and real-world experience throughout the development of the product line.

"It started for me in the late ‘90s when I became aware of eating clean, organic foods. As I launched our first spa, we focused on using 'green' construction materials, such as VOC-free paints, stains, and glues.This hyper-awareness of all of the toxins we are inundated with naturally extends to the products we use and sell in our spas.

We have very stringent requirements regarding the ingredients contained in the products sold on our shelves, and even more so for our own products that we develop, using only hyperclean premium ingredients that not only are effective but are also a delight to use."

- Alissa Bayer, milk + honey Founder

our history


First milk + honey spa opens in Austin, Texas.


• Second milk + honey spa opens.

• milk + honey salon concept is introduced.


Second milk + honey salon opens.


Third milk + honey salon opens.


• milk + honey product line launches.

• Fourth milk + honey salon opens.


Fifth milk + honey spa + salon opens in Houston, Texas.


milk + honey products launch at Neiman Marcus.


Cult-favorite milk + honey Cream Deodorant is reformulated and relaunches in stick format.


• Official milk + honey skincare launch.

• First milk + honey spa in Fort Worth opens.

• milk + honey's Arboretum salon in Austin, Texas expands into a full spa.


Two Los Angeles spa locations to open — milk + honey's first location outside of Texas.