Are milk + honey products organic or natural? 

Both. Awesome, right?

Are milk + honey products sulfate-free? 


Do milk + honey products contain parabens? 


Does milk + honey use palm oil? 

Our Body Washes contain Potassium Palm Kernelate, which is derived from palm oil.

Are milk + honey products tested on animals? 

No. We do not test our products on animals, nor do any of our suppliers. However, Body Wash No. 14 works great on dirty dogs!

Do milk + honey products contain animal by-products?

Honey/beeswax is the only animal by-product in our ingredient list. Here is the complete list of products that feature honey and/or beeswax: Lip Polish No. 35, Lip Polish No. 40, Lip Butter No. 40, Lip Butter No. 58, Arnica Balm, Cream Deodorant No. 20, Cream Deodorant No. 33, Cream Deodorant No. 46, and Cream Deodorant No. 52. 

Does milk + honey use preservatives? 

Yes. We use an ingredient called Phenoxyethanol in our Body Creams. Phenoxyethanol is chemically identical to a compound found in green tea. The preservative version, while synthetically-produced, is “nature identical” and is very effective at fighting dangerous bacteria.

Because our products contain many natural oils, we need to protect against bacteria and fungi — and Phenoxyethanol is our safest option. The highest concentration of this ingredient is very minute, less than 1% at 0.87%, which is widely considered to be safe.

Where can I see the complete list of product ingredients? 

Each product features its complete list of each and every ingredient directly on the label. If you’d like to know more, visit the product’s individual page for details regarding its uses, benefits, and any pertinent instructions.

Will the Cream Deodorant stain my clothes?

Our Cream Deodorant will not stain your clothes. Amazing, right? Our deodorant features pure, natural ingredients, like arrowroot powder and coconut oil, to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. We do not use the potentially harmful, aluminum-based compounds found in antiperspirants, which block our body's natural ability to sweat. When the active ingredients in antiperspirants come into contact with sweat, clothing will stain. So, your clothes should be safe with our deodorant. However, applying too much deodorant could transfer the product onto clothing. In that case, our deodorant should wipe right off clothing using warm water.

When I use the Cream Deodorant, it irritates my skin. Why is that?

So, you used the cream deodorant for a few days, totally fell in love with it, but now your underarms are red and angry? This is a sign that your skin's pH is adjusting to the alkalinity of the baking soda in our deodorant. Naturally, our skin is acidic with a pH between 4.5 and 6.2. Our skin is protected by a thin barrier called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is made mostly of sebum with lactic and amino acids, and it supports our skin's immune system. Since baking soda is very powerful at managing bacteria on the skin, and very neutralizing with a pH of 8.3, it can throw the skin's pH out of balance. Our skin is very resilient and should adjust to the deodorant, but if you are experiencing a reaction or irritation, try limiting use or alternating with another deodorant. If you are experiencing extreme discomfort, discontinue use.

I'm pregnant — are your products safe for me to use?

If you are pregnant or nursing and unsure about the safety of any natural product, first check with your physician or health practitioner before use. 

milk + honey body care products feature pure, organic, plant-based ingredients that are meant to work with our body's natural processes and are considered to be pregnancy-safe. However, if you are pregnant, we advise that you consult your doctor before using our Sore Muscle (No. 18 blend) products as they contain high concentrations of Arnica montana, an herb that is contraindicated in pregnancy when taken orally. These products include our Muscle Soak, Bath and Body Oil No. 18, and Arnica Balm.

Can I use the mosquito spray on my baby? How about my pup?

Our mosquito repellent is effective against biting insects and features a combination of 97% inert ingredients and 3% essential oil blend, which includes lemon eucalyptus oil, a natural DEET alternative. According to the FDA and CDC, products containing lemon eucalyptus should not be used on children younger than the age of three. Our mosquito spray is safe for use on dogs. 

I'm allergic to cedar pollen. Can I use the Mosquito Spray, which features cedarwood oil?

Good news: cedarwood oil should not trigger an allergic reaction. Why? Inhalant allergies are different than topical ones. Pollen gets caught in the nasal passages and lungs, while cedarwood oil is steamed from the tree and does not contain the actual pollen. Therefore, there is a significantly less chance of an allergic reaction. Of course, to be absolutely safe and sure, we'd recommend you place a small amount on your hand to ensure you don't have a skin allergy and spray some near you for respiratory testing. 

Will milk + honey products irritate sensitive skin? 

We use a high amount of essential oils so it’s possible, but probably not. However, no one should have a reaction unless they are allergic.

Will the plant extracts in certain milk + honey products make my skin very oily? 

No. The extracts we use are water-based. In general, oil does not make skin oily. Skin washed with harsh cleansers will often start to over-produce oil due to fact that the skin is constantly being stripped of its natural oils.

Why are milk + honey products expensive? 

We make our products by hand, in small batches, using the best possible ingredients we can find.

Do milk + honey products have an expiration date? 

Because our products are full of natural ingredients, they have a shorter shelf life than most. Please use your milk + honey products within one year of purchase to ensure optimal freshness and effectiveness.

Why are most of milk + honey products in glass containers? 

Dark glass is the best container to store products, such as ours, that have a high concentration of essential oils. Since our ingredients aren’t chock-full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, they need a little extra TLC. There was a reason why the old-fashioned apothecaries kept everything in amber glass.

How should I store my milk + honey products? 

For optimum shelf life, keep your products out of extreme temperatures and humidity, and out of direct sunlight.

What's the deal with returning milk + honey products?

You may return items within 30 days of the original purchase date for a full refund, no questions asked. For information on payment, return, and shipping policies, click here.