Masques and Exfoliants

A curated selection of face masques, designed to exfoliate, cleanse, nourish, brighten, and hydrate.

Charcoal Clay Masque

$ 44.00

This refreshing charcoal clay masque helps to minimize the look of redness and inflammation, as well as diminishes the appearance of pores.

Pink Clay Masque

$ 44.00

This gentle, antioxidant-rich masque effectively clears pores while toning, invigorating, and balancing the skin. Perfect for those with dull and/or aging skin.

Exfoliating Enzyme Masque

$ 52.00

Our Exfoliating Enzyme Masque is your quick at-home facial in a jar. This effective natural AHA-based masque exfoliates dead skin, unclogs pores, and reveals youthful-looking...

Clay Masque Duo

$ 80.00

Enhance the benefits of face masking with the Clay Masque Duo. From redness and oily areas, to the appearance of large pores and dullness, you...

Masque Brush

$ 12.00

Our milk + honey Masque Brush is a premium, hand-crafted vegan facial masque brush, perfect for an easy, even application and minimizing product waste.

It wasn't enough to create hyperclean, safe products. I wanted to create something beautiful and luxurious — something I could feel good using every day.

Alissa Bayer