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Davids Peppermint Toothpaste

$ 10.00

This premium natural toothpaste is designed to safely and effectively remove plaque, naturally whiten, and freshen breath.

ZitSticka KILLA Kit

$ 29.00

KILLA is a zit patch powered by ZitSticka’s signature microdart technology. These tiny microdarts self-dissolve at the source of your early-stage zit to help clear...

COOLA Mineral Body Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

$ 42.00

COOLA's easy-to-apply Mineral Body Sunscreen Spray provides hydrating, chemical active-free sun protection for even the most sensitive skin.

COOLA Daydream Mineral Makeup Primer Sunscreen SPF 30

$ 42.00

COOLA Mineral SPF 30 Daydream Makeup Primer helps your complexion appear softer, smoother, and brighter—with or without makeup.

Āether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

$ 58.00

This eye shadow palette provides the perfect day-to-night look in 12 romantic rose quartz-infused shades.

Virtue® 6-in-1 Styler

$ 32.00

Virtue® 6-in-1 Styler is a universal styling cream that truly does it all. It primes hair to add softness, shine and light hydration while strengthening,...

HUM Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic Clear Skin Supplement

$ 40.00

HUM Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic Clear Skin Supplement is formulated for acne-prone (non-cystic) and dry skin. Benefits include clear, smooth, and even skin as...

COOLA Mineral Sun Silk Crème SPF 30

$ 42.00

COOLA Mineral Sun Silk Crème SPF 30 is oil-free, airy-light, and formulated for everyday use.

Sun Potion Cordyceps

$ 53.00

An organic mushroom powder that supports mental power, athletic endurance, sexual energy, muscle tone, and the immune system.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

Sold out

This mineral-rich Organic Seaweed gel cleanser effectively removes excess oil and surface impurities from the skin.

OSEA Essential Corrective Complex

$ 32.00

A spot solution or all-over treatment for a clarified look.

COOLA Radical Recovery Eco-Cert Organic After Sun Lotion

$ 32.00

COOLA Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion helps skin bounce back after a day in the sun.

COOLA Mineral Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

$ 36.00

COOLA Mineral Body Sunscreen provides hydrating, chemical active-free sun protection for even the most sensitive skin.

Virtue® Full Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Full Shampoo works to add volume while it cleanses. It dissolves excess oil, lifts the roots, and plumps each strand for weightless, long-lasting body....

Virtue® Full Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Full Conditioner thickens hair with each use without weighing hair down. It deeply moisturizes the hair, creating lasting lift, body, and luster.

Virtue® Recovery Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Recovery Shampoo works to rebuild damaged hair with each use. It gently dissolves daily build-up while filling in cracks of damage to leave hair...

Virtue® Recovery Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Recovery Conditioner is a rich, luxurious conditioner that helps bring damaged hair back to life. It reconstructs frayed cuticles and brittle ends, infusing hair...

Virtue® Refresh Dry Shampoo

$ 32.00

Virtue® Refresh Dry Shampoo is a weightless spray that dispenses as a dry mist that works to soak up excess oils while adding health boosting...

Sun Potion Ashwagandha

$ 47.00

The Ashwagandha plant contains a full spectrum of healing properties and is an excellent addition to your water, tea, and smoothies.

Āether Beauty Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette

$ 58.00

This eye shadow palette provides 12 cosmic-inspired, crystal-charged shimmer and metallic shades.

Davids Peppermint + Charcoal Toothpaste

$ 10.00

This flouride-free toothpaste freshens breath, removes plaque, and whitens with pharma-grade coconut charcoal.

Olio E Osso Balm No. 10 Tea Rose

$ 28.00

Apply to lips and cheeks for a beautiful rose hue that will enhance your natural glow.

Olio E Osso Balm No. 2 French Melon

$ 28.00

Perfectly pigmented balm for a blush of color on the lips or cheeks.

Olio E Osso Balm No. 6 Bronze

$ 28.00

This is Olio E Osso's first balm with a hint of shimmer — perfect as a bronzer or highlighter.

Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezer

$ 23.00

Expertly shape your brows with this classic award-winning tweezer.

Virtue® Smooth Shampoo

$ 38.00

Virtue® Smooth Shampoo works to both cleanse and calm unruly hair. Infused with restorative ingredients, it refines and de-frizzes strand by strand to seal in...

Virtue® Smooth Conditioner

$ 40.00

Virtue® Full Conditioner eliminates frizz with every shower. It soothes the cuticle, locks out humidity, and locks in moisture, giving hair a brilliant luster.

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

$ 48.00

This lightweight moisturizer hydrates and helps provide barrier protection against visible damage caused by environmental stressors such as dry climates, wind, and air pollution.

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber Untinted Matte Moisturizer

$ 36.00

COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber Untinted Matte Moisturizer is your go-to daytime lotion, antioxidant-infused BB cream, and SPF all in one.

OSEA Sea Minerals Mist

$ 38.00

This nourishing elixir delivers immediate hydration and prepares skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask

$ 28.00

Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask with Alpha Keratin 60ku® actively rehabilitates hair in need of extra care for an instant infusion of shine, moisture, and resiliency...

Virtue® Un-Frizz Cream

$ 40.00

Virtue® Un-Frizz Cream is a leave-in treatment cream that works to condition and smooth hair, wet or dry, eliminating frizz and locking out humidity to...

Virtue® Split End Serum

$ 40.00

Virtue® Split End Serum helps repair and seal broken ends while it protects against future fraying.

Sun Potion Yin Power

$ 119.00

This is a blend of organic, wild-harvested herbs that nourish feminine energy and harmonizes the whole system from the inside out.

HUM Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme Supplement

$ 40.00

HUM Flatter Me is formulated to optimize protein, carb, fiber, and fat breakdown, help with nutrient absorption, and provide relief from indigestion and bloating.

Sun Potion Pine Pollen

$ 52.00

This is a potent aphrodisiac, offers dual-directional hormone support, and supports a healthy metabolism and immune response.

Virtue® Moisture-Defining Whip

$ 36.00

Virtue® Moisture-Defining Whip is a weightless, hydrating mousse that works to enhance texture, add moisture, and define style—perfect for waves and curls alike.

OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum

$ 88.00

This lightweight, moisture-boosting serum smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and replenishes dry, thirsty skin.

Virtue® Lifting Powder

$ 34.00

Virtue® Lifting Powder is a weightless, invisible volumizing powder formulated to bring an immediate lift to hair and fullness that lasts all day.

HUM Daily Cleanse Detox Supplement

$ 25.00

HUM Daily Cleanse Detox Supplement is a powerful formula of organic algae and 14 detoxifying herbs and minerals to help clear acne.

Sun Potion He Shou Wu

$ 59.00

He Shou Wu is a traditional Taoist herb and Jing tonic. It has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, and rejuvenation...

Sun Potion Reishi Mushroom Powder

$ 53.00

Nourish the heart and pacify the spirit with this organic Reishi Mushroom powder.

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From founding our first non-toxic, clean day spa in 2006 to launching our own products in 2013, we’ve been clean-beauty pioneers for more than a decade. We know that no one's beauty routine — or life — exists in a single-brand vacuum and that the word “clean” can come with a lot of baggage. That's why we’re doing the heavy lifting for you. We've handpicked a thoughtful selection of our favorite clean beauty and wellness lines, vetting each ingredient for safety and efficacy — so you don't have to. Consider this your all-in-one haven for safe, effective, and delightful-to-use beauty essentials.

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