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What our Founder is Gifting in 2020

What our Founder is Gifting in 2020

Whether you're shopping for last-minute holiday gifts or simply looking for inspiration to gift yourself (no judgement), you've come to the right place. From cozy throws to her favorite florals, browse what milk + honey founder, Alissa Bayer is gifting this year.


1. Vase, Vase Baby Maxi by Farmgirl Flowers

A stunning vase of flowers is one of those gifts that everyone loves to receive. This arrangement makes a bigger statement than your everyday bouquet and looks amazing on any dining table or desk.


2. Slim Leather Pouch by Cuyana

I love this little pouch because it’s small enough to fit in any bag in place of a wallet or simply to add a bit more organization. I have a bunch of the mini Cuyana leather goods and they’re all so lovely and convenient!


Skincare Heroes Set Gift Set milk + honey

3. Skincare Heroes Set by milk + honey

When it comes to milk + honey skincare, friends and family always want to know where to start. Since we put so much time, research, and love into each product, it’s really hard for me to choose favorites. I’m gifting this set because it’s a great introduction to our skincare products and brings the milk + honey spa facial experience into your home.


4. Cudara Alpaca Throw by The Citizenry

There’s nothing better than unwrapping a super soft, cozy blanket for the holidays. Bonus points because fair trade and it’s made with Alpaca wool which is hypoallergenic — it’s great for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.


5. Speckled Waffle Robe by Parachute

This robe is an elevated take on your classic Waffle Robe — imagine an even better version of a hotel robe. I love gifting items that encourage friends and family to relax, take care of themselves, and feel good. 


Art of the Bath Set Gift Set milk + honey
6. Art of the Bath Set by milk + honey

If you know me, you know I love bath time. It provides a few moments of peace and encourages screen-free relaxation — something we could all use this year. When I gift this to loved ones, I’m sure I’ll be fielding questions about how to dry brush. Here’s a helpful guide if you’re new to the ritual.


Click here to see what's on Alissa's wishlist this year.

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