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Our Founder's Current Favorite Things

Our Founder's Current Favorite Things

As we settle in for winter, it's nice to have a handful of go-to items that just make you feel good. Our founder, Alissa Bayer always has the best recommendations. Today, we're turning to her to highlight her seasonal favorites.

Hand Soap, Nº 09 Hand Soap milk + honey

1. Hand Soap Nº09 by milk + honey

This crisp blend is one of my favorites year round, but I especially love it during the holiday season. The calming, herbaceous blend of lavender and tea tree upgrades handwashing from a necessary habit to an enjoyable one.


Essential Oil Candle, Nº 100 Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine, Cinnamon Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine, Cinnamon

2. Essential Oil Candle Nº100 by milk + honey

This might be my favorite blend. This candle was carefully crafted to suggest holiday vibes—not to be in your face like many overbearing holiday candles. It’s created with a blend of balsam fir, scotch pine, spicy clove, and cinnamon. And the wax is made out of organic soy and coconut wax with an organic cotton wick.


Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland on Food52

3. Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland by Food52

I love this garland because it’s a quick and easy way to fastrack any holiday tablescape. It’s made with eucalyptus, so it’s not so on-the-nose and feels like a more modern way to decorate for the holidays.


Home Fragrance, Nº 46 Home Fragrance Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cardamom

4. Home Fragrance Nº 46 by milk + honey

This blend of sandalwood, cardamom, and vetiver is earthy, warm, and uplifting— everything you want for winter. I highly recommend filling the room with this before a meditation or relaxing bath for added aromatherapy. And it's perfect to mist on your pillow before bed.


Magnolia Wreath on Food52

5. Magnolia Wreath by Food52

The best thing about this wreath is that it gets prettier as it ages — the leaves change and become even more stunning with each day.


Bakuchiol Treatment Skincare Treatments milk + honey

6. Bakuchiol Treatment by milk + honey

Even though this is one of our newest launches, it’s quickly become one of my personal favorite milk + honey skincare products. It smells heavenly —  and after a few weeks of regular use you will notice softer and brighter skin. Check out this blog for more on bakuchiol, our new favorite magical skincare ingredient.


Zoom Lunya Sleepwear Organic Pima Long Cardigan - #Black

7. Organic Pima Long Cardigan by Lunya

It’s long and cozy like a robe, but feels almost like an oversized cardigan with its luxe textiles. I especially like the tight sleeves.


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