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Meet Zitsticka | Curated by milk + honey

Meet Zitsticka | Curated by milk + honey

About the brand:

Zitsticka became a fast-favorite at milk + honey HQ — and for good reason. This brand is on a mission to take down cystic zits, and that’s something we’re always down for. The Australian-born, dermatologist-backed brand has created one product (so far) to solve all of your deep, painful zits with a tiny, discreet patch.

Try this first: 

It’s easy to choose, considering Zitsticka only makes one product—the KILLA KIT, which contains a CLEANA swab and KILLA patch. The CLEANA swab deep cleans the area to ensure it’s free of bacteria. Next, the KILLA patch uses microdarts infused with hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76. In short, it floods the heart of your zit rather than sitting on the surface of your skin. Cystic zits have officially met their match.

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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