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Alissa's Fall Favorites

Alissa's Fall Favorites

Fall is finally upon us — even if it still feels like summer in Austin. In preparation for sweater season, we asked our founder to share her current favorite things. From new Austin restaurants to unreleased milk + honey products, Alissa's picks are on point. 

Exfoliating Enzyme Masque

This masque is where it’s at. I love using it in a steamy shower to keep the enzymes active and open my pores. Definite at-home spa vibes.

milk + honey Bakuchiol Serum (coming soon)

This is hands down the best product I’ve ever used and I’m so excited to share it with you. Bakuchiol is a plant extract with similar results to retinol, and if you haven’t already— you’ll definitely see this ingredient popping up on your Instagram feed soon. Keep an eye out for it in the coming months at

Four Sigmatics

I love a few of their blends, but Lion’s Mane and Chaga is my go-to daily coffee. I prefer this to regular coffee because its low in caffeine and the adaptogenic mushrooms, helps support my overworked adrenals. And it tastes delicious.

Daily Harvest

I’m LOVING Daily Harvest right now. I’m grateful for a brand that makes my day-to-day easier and Daily Harvest totally takes out the guesswork of healthy meal planning. Plus, their bowls and smoothies are delicious.

Swedish Hill

One of our favorite new places in Austin. I’m so excited about this place— it’s like Austin has our very own Gjusta now!

Organic Wine

I am all about organic wine right now. Conventional wine is full of pesticides and loads of natural (aka artificial) flavors and additional ingredients that do not have to be listed on the label. Switching to organic wine also means fewer headaches for me too. I honestly am embarrassed I didn’t realize this sooner.

Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Shon and I barrel-age cocktails regularly—Vieux Carre, Negroni, Manhattan, Old Fashioned. We always get new batches going in the Summer so by mid-Autumn, they are perfectly barreled and ready to enjoy.

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