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How Do You Moisturize?

Consider milk + honey Bath & Body Oils your new beauty cure-all. These luxurious and nourishing oils will condition and protect your skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and supple. 

All About Our Bath & Body Oils

Organic sunflower, avocado, and jojoba essential oils create the foundation of our Bath & Body Oils. Sunflower oil quickly absorbs into the deepest layer of your skin, while avocado oil — rich in proteins and vitamins — soothes skin irritation. Jojoba oil creates a protective layer on your skin that seals in water, nutrients, and vitamins from the other essential oils to keep it moisturized all day long. 

Each of our Bath & Body Oils is formulated with chia seed extract and organic sea buckthorn berry fruit extract to restore dry, damaged skin. Vitamin E softens and revives dull skin. Organic pomegranate seed extract, which is packed with lipids and natural free-radical fighters, helps to prevent wrinkles. 

Shop milk + honey Bath & Body Oils 

Gentle enough for babies and adults with sensitive skin, Bath & Body Oil No. 14's calming lavender aroma will lull you to sleep. 


Arnica-infused Bath & Body Oil No. 18 calms dry skin and heals aches, pains, and bruises. 


Hydrate your body from head-to-toe with the blend of ylang ylang, rose geranium, and petitgrain essential oils in Bath & Body Oil No. 22.  

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