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What Is This Berry?

Known as the "legendary berry," sea buckthorn berry is a fruit that has been used for centuries. Genghis Khan's army believed that the power of the berry would heal them from mortal wounds sustained in battle. Flash forward to present day, Dr. Oz has hailed it as a miracle worker that helps treat skin ailments like burns, sores, and eczema. 

What is sea buckthorn berry?

Contrary to its name, sea buckthorn berry doesn’t come from the sea. This rugged shrub is found in the mountains and along the coast of Asia and Europe. For over 12 centuries, sea buckthorn berry has been used by the Chinese as a way to treat injuries. Today, many Asian and European countries use the plant as a way to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, cleanse the digestive tract, and help to relax and soothe stomach pains.

How does it work?

Sea buckthorn berry is rich in nutrients such as B1, B2, proteins, vitamin E, and contains more Vitamin C than found in one orange! With 190 active ingredients, sea buckthorn berry isn't short on fatty acids, which help to soften, nourish, and restore dry and damaged skin. Many believe that the oil from this plant can help treat rosacea and other chronic inflammatory skin conditions. 

Which milk + honey products feature this magical ingredient?

Our Bath & Body Oil No. 14 includes sea buckthorn berry, which is one of the powerhouse ingredients that add an extra "punch" to protect and heal your skin.


Our Bath and Body Oil No. 22 also contains sea buckthorn berry in its formula, which helps make this oil a must-have for stress relief and relaxation. 


Finally, our Bath and Body Oil No.18 features sea buckthorn berry in its muscle-relieving blend. 

Photo source: Holistic Vanity

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