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#artofthebath: Kandis Isom

#artofthebath: Kandis Isom

Remember the first cool girl you met who was also kind and generous? Yep, that’s Kandis. Rewind to 2006 — that’s when we met in a show choir that took itself way too seriously. Kandis was the confident girl (one year older) who took to showing me the ropes right away. Fast forward to current day and like many old pals from high school, we’re long-distance internet friends. Kandis is one of those magnetic people who naturally adopted Instagram— her penchant for street style and honesty gives her the sought-after Instagram presence of being equal parts relatable and aspirational. Obviously, I had to reconnect with Kandis to share her five-sensory bathtime. Scroll on for Kandis’ #ArtOfTheBath.


Tell our followers a little about yourself:

I love laughter, aiming to be my personal best, and I love people! My hope and dream is to be acclimated in my new role with Adidas and to grow with the company while pursuing my personal growth through my fashion blog. I also hope to grow my family one day.



I have a candle warmer so I can burn a candle all day and night. But I’m sure to turn it off when I’m not in the house — ha. (My husband is definitely going to let me know if I do leave it on…)



This year, I loved reading Becoming, Lady O’s book. In the book, she transparently discusses the hardships she’s had to overcome to become the person she is today. Truly inspired me as a black woman.

This year was also the final season of Game of Thrones on HBO. I was about this series, from the first episode to the last! And yes, I was happy with the ending— haha. Why? Spoiler alert: Because Little Finger told us and Bran that “chaos is a ladder”. I’ll let that sink in.

I also loved watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. The humor and quirkiness is everything you need.

To be centered, prayer in the morning and evening is also essential. I consider it my meditation. 



Honestly, I’ve never committed to bathing (as in, taking actual baths) until I tried milk + honey. I strength train with my trainer five times a week, so committing to a soak in the bath at least once a week really made a difference in my daily routine. In addition to milk + honey, I also love African Black Soap. It’s great for damaged skin from acne and for maintaining clear skin. After bathing, I love to dry off and hop right into my PJs, and throw on my hoodie and sweats for warmth. 



Moscato. All day. Everyday. Okay, more like every few days.



To unwind, my favorite music is Mother Nature. I love listening to thunderstorm sounds, waves crashing, or the sounds of birds in the rainforest. In the morning, I listen to gospel music as I meditate and get ready for the day. By 12pm, it’s trap music.


For more, follow @kandis.isom on Instagram.

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