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How to Treat Acne Breakouts and Clogged Pores in One Step

How to Treat Acne Breakouts and Clogged Pores in One Step


Despite the myriad of different acne-fighting products on the market, there's a reason why the old-school clay mask prevails again and again. Its wholesome, from-the-earth, mineral-rich properties impart instantly visible results — clean, clarified skin — and let's be honest, masking is foolproof and fun. 

Over the last few years, we've masked a lot as we tested, developed, and refined our own clay mask. Our objective? To create a highly effective, treatment-driven face mask that detoxifies clogged pores, reduces excess sebum and bacteria (the main cause of breakouts!), and minimizes redness and inflammation while simultaneously leaving skin hydrated, refreshed, and soothed. Basically, we were looking for the miracle worker of clay masks.

We're not exaggerating — we masked a lot at home and at work.
Case in point: masking at work (between meetings) for the greater good.

And we formulated it in the milk + honey Charcoal Clay Masque — your one-step "thank you, next" solution to acne breakouts and healthy skin.

Here are three quick tips to maximize the benefits of the Charcoal Clay Masque

  1. Apply a thin, even layer to clean, damp skin. If time permits, open up your pores by applying a hot towel to your face. This acts as a gentle pre-mask steam.

  2. You can apply the mask all over your face or you can simply spot treat the areas that need it most. It's all part of what we like to call the "skincare cocktail" process.

  3. After removing the mask, lock in the results with a hydrating layer, like our Antioxidant Serum, which will penetrate the skin more deeply after the masking step. Finish with the Luxe Face Oil or Intense Hydration Cream.

Remember that ingredients matter! We've highlighted the key ingredients that make our Charcoal Clay Masque so good at what it does. 

Bentonite Clay pulls out skin impurities and reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation.

Organic Green Tea Leaf Oil contains beneficial antioxidants and delivers moisture to the skin.

Activated Charcoal is a coconut-derived ingredient that helps pull out impurities from the skin, improving the appearance of pores.

Aloe Leaf Juice is packed with antioxidants including beta carotene and Vitamin C and E, which help to improve the look of skin firmness and keep skin hydrated.


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