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The Oil of Tranquility

For centuries, people from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Africa have used grounded-up vetiver roots in Ayurvedic medicinal oils as a way to balance the mind and promote calmness. This oil became so popular for its calming benefits that it earned its nickname "the oil of tranquility." Even today, the oil made from the vetiver root plant has become a staple in modern-day aromatherapy oils and perfumes. 

A Quick History of Vetiver

Vetiver is a grassy plant native to India that can grow up to six feet tall and can survive for up to 50 years. In fact, the word "vetiver" comes from the Tamil language, a language spoken in India and Sri Lanka, and means "root that is dug up." Before it was used as an essential oil, many people weaved vetiver root into mats, fans, and even curtains.  

How Does Vetiver Oil Work?

Vetiver oil is known to affect your nervous system and your skin. As a spray, it helps ease feelings of anxiety and nervousness, balances your emotions, relieves insomnia, and some studies have even suggested that it can help subdue ADHD. When used topically, it can help remove scars by replacing damaged skin cells with new healthy ones, create a hydrating barrier for your skin, improve firmness in your skin, and it can help cool your body. Vetiver oil has also been utilized in ointments to treat muscle, joint, and arthitis pain. 


Which Products Feature the Oil of Tranquility?

Bath Soak No. 46 is the newest member of the No. 46 blend family. Developed with the de-stressing properties of vetiver, Epsom, and sea salt, this soak relaxes the mind and body. 


Calm, nourish, and heal your skin with our aromatic Body Cream No. 46.


Our Cream Deodorant No. 46 features vetiver as a way to keep your underarms cool, fresh, and clean even in the hottest of climates.


Home Fragrance No. 46 is packed with vetiver to help soothe feelings of stress and anxiousness. 

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