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The Best Vacation Hack

This headline is not clickbait. Really, truly, the milk + honey Everything Oil was the best thing I took with me on vacation. 

Note: this wasn't your typical tropical getaway. I spent 10 days in Iceland where 'summer' is a loose term to describe the time of year where the sun barely sets and the landscape isn't completely blanketed in snow. While there, I experienced a full spectrum of weather, including below-freezing temps in the evening, blustery, mist-filled afternoons, and mornings drenched in warm sunshine. That's where my trusty travel-sized Everything Oil came in handy. It worked overtime — on the ends of my hair, on my lips, on my face, and as an eye makeup remover — keeping my skin and hair feeling hydrated, smooth, and conditioned.

We often describe the Everything Oil as the hardest-working product around and I can attest to its greatness. I love the subtle, calming aroma of chamomile, which doesn't overpower anything else I'm wearing (moisturizer, perfume, etc.); I love how nourishing it feels on my skin, thanks to organic evening primrose, organic argan, and organic rosehip fruit oil; and I love that I feel a positive difference in my skin after using it — it feels happier and healthier. Plus, you know it's working when your friends ask you how your skin can look so glow-y after an 11-hour flight...

So, the next time you're cramming your toiletry bag full of items, save some space and upgrade your routine with the Everything Oil. You can thank me later.

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