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Our 11 Most Popular Stocking Stuffers

Our 11 Most Popular Stocking Stuffers

If you haven't started thinking about stocking stuffers, no worries — we've got you covered. We scoured our reviews to create a list of our community's favorite fun-sized products. Now, you can cross one more thing off your list.


Natural Konjac Sponge Accessories milk + honey

1. Natural Konjac Sponge

"I've been looking for a high quality konjac sponge for quite some time. I was hooked the first time I used one on my sensitive skin with good results. Unfortunately a good sponge is hard to find, until now. This one from M&H has just the right texture to gently exfoliate without irritation. I use it every other day. Even when dry it does not get rock hard and coarse like all the others I've tried. Plus, the price is reasonable. I will order more to be sure I have a good supply as they are now a valuable part of my skin care routine." —Suzanne C.


milk + honey Waffle-Weave Headband Tools milk + honey

2. Waffle-Weave Headband

"I love this headband! It is cute and comfy. The thick, soft material pulls my hair back easily and keeps it back (I have bangs, so that can be a tall order sometimes). The velcro is convenient for readjusting after I pull it over my head as well. Overall, it is exactly what I was looking for and a great price compared to any equivalents I saw while looking around!" —Rebecca Y.


Palo Santo Bundle Palo Santo milk + honey

3. Palo Santo Bundle

"Palo santo is the loveliest smell for your home. We stash it all over the house and light it throughout the day." —Jessica T.


Lip Polish, Nº 35 Lip Polish milk + honey

4. Lip Polish Nº 35

"Not too gritty. Leaves my lips freshly polished and soft. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" —Angela C.


Davines The Purity Circle Hair Mask Hair Treatments Davines

5. Davines The Purity Circle Hair Mask

"I have never smelled such an amazing product, I could rave about this forever! The leave in treatment helped my dry scalp for a week before I would need to reapply- planning on ordering more!" —Bryce P.


Hand Purifier, Nº 08 Hand Purifier milk + honey 1 fl oz

6. Hand Purifier

"I absolutely love this hand sanitizer! It smells amazing and fits perfectly in my purse. My husband even keeps one of these in his truck for use on the go. I love how it doesn’t dry your skin out like so many of the other hand sanitizers. As always, Milk + Honey have another high-quality product with this one." —Mary R.


Body Brush Accessories milk + honey

7. milk + honey Body Brush

"This brush is incredible. Exactly what I was looking for. It was magical brushing my skin as I felt an instant flow of relaxation and my body felt less tight. Def worth it." —Margaret M.


Mini Body Cream Nº 46 Body Cream milk + honey

8. Mini Body Cream Nº 46

"Perfect size for gift bags. The scent is heavenly & the product is amazing!!" —Payne B.


Muscle Soak Packets Bath Soak milk + honey 9. Muscle Soak Packet

"I did love the muscle soak after my workout. The smell, the packaging.... I’ll buy more for sure." —Aurora J.


Mini Pink Clay Masque Masks and Exfoliants milk + honey

10. Pink Clay Masque Sample

"I didn’t expect to fall in love with the product. My face loves this mask! I have sensitive skin and I have no complaints." —Meagen D.


Regular Strength Deodorant Deodorant milk + honey

11. Regular Strength Deodorant

"This deodorant has such an amazing smell going on, and at the end of a long sweaty day, I smelled NOTHING on my armpits. Not the normal overpowering deodorant smell that seeps into your clothes, not a sweaty body odor smell, just nothing. I was shocked. I normally sweat a lot and smell by the end of a long day, but not with this stuff. I will definitely continue buying this stuff!" —Amanda S.


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