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Our Skincare Regimen Cheat Sheet

Our Skincare Regimen Cheat Sheet

In the age of elaborate skincare routines, crafting (and perfecting) your regimen can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Rule of thumb: you should apply your products from thinnest to thickest. But even with that pro-tip in mind, questions are bound to arise. For example, what’s first—oil or moisturizer? Have no fear, because we’ve dropped a comprehensive AM and PM routine below. While we’ve mostly used our products here as examples, you can modify your steps to include your holy-grail favorites.

Morning Routine 

1. Cleanser
This is an important first step to create a clean slate for the rest of your routine. Our Gel Cleanser is gentle, effective, and doesn't strip the skin. It also features a natural astringent, lemon peel oil, that has a lovely bright scent.


2. Toner
Next, you’ll want to prep and balance the skin's pH level before applying the following skincare products. milk + honey Hydrating Rose Mist takes this step to the next level with the addition of hyaluronic acid, helping your skin to retain moisture and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


3. Moisturize
Next up — your favorite daytime moisturizer. Our Intense Hydration Cream has a rich, luxurious finish that boosts hydration, restores luminosity, and supports tired, dry skin.


4. Eye Cream
What would an AM routine be without an eye cream? Use your ring or pinky finger to apply since they’re the weakest and most gentle on delicate under eye skin. OSEA’s Eye & Lip Firming Cream is dual action for eyes and lips, and includes plant-derived amino acids to visibly plump and firm eye contours. We suggest doing a light lymphatic massage around the under eye and occipital bone to "wake up" the eye area.


5. Sunscreen
Don't forget the most important step of all — sunscreen!


Evening Routine


1. Cleanser
Similar to the AM routine, a good cleanser is a necessary first step to remove dirt, impurities, and remnant makeup. We recommend starting with an oil cleanser like our Cleansing Balm and following up with a gel cleanser (like ours!) for a full double cleanse. New to double cleansing? No worries — we created a tutorial video here.


2. At-home Peel
For an at-home facial experience, use the Enzyme Masque (up to 2-3 times a week). Apply a layer of our enzyme masque and rinse off after 5-10 minutes. Our favorite way to use this masque: step into the shower after applying for an activated steam + masque experience. Rinse off after 5-10 minutes.


3. Clay Masques
Follow with your favorite clay masque (or two), we personally like to use our Charcoal Clay Masque on areas with more congestion (think the T-zone) and the Pink Clay Masque on areas that need hydration and invigoration.

*Fun fact: Our Charcoal Clay Masque is a great spot treatment for any acne and pesky breakouts.


4. Toner
After any masque treatment, spritz a toner like Hydrating Rose Mist to seal in the benefits of the masque. It also provides a cool, refreshing finish.


5. Choose Your Own Hydration Adventure
Are you more of an oil or cream fan? Use the Luxe Face Oil for an intense boost of hydration. It may be used in conjunction with light lymphatic massage around the face and décolleté. Luxe Face Oil can be used alone or followed with Intense Hydration. Use Intense Hydration at night to lock in moisture and boost your skin's collagen with fruit-based stem cells. 


6. Eye Cream
With your ring finger, dab your favorite eye cream under your eye area. Sente Illumine Eye Cream is formulated for sensitive skin and helps to hydrate skin and fight against external signs of aging.

Pro tip: For added facial massage and enhanced circulation, incorporate a facial roller or gua sha as your last step. Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller is two-sided (the smaller side is great for under eyes) and corresponds with the heart chakra to promote self-love, inner peace, and energy healing.


Have more regimen questions? Drop them below for an answer from a milk + honey esthetician.

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