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Pucker Up

The lips are one of the most delicate features of our bodies. Did you know that your lips don't have a sebaceous gland, which helps maintain moisture? Add environmental elements like prolonged sun exposure, harsh winds, or bitter cold, and it's a recipe for dry, cracked lips.  

Balms vs. Butters vs. Polishes

In the world of lip care, there are three main products that almost everyone uses or has used: lip balms, lip butters, and lip scrubs. Lip balms are typically made from a wax-like substance that is supposed to hydrate your lips. However, many balms utilize synthetics and parabens, which actually strip away the moisture from lips before coating it with a wax-like substance. This means that the moisture that was supposed to be added is taken away, leaving you with even drier than before.

Lip butters are a much richer and more nourishing alternative to balms. Butters are formulated with jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea fruit butter, and other good-for-you ingredients that penetrate to the deepest layer of skin to deliver moisture. The result is softer and more supple lips.

Lip polishes remove dead and dry skin from your pout. Think of polishes as an exfoliant and by removing that damaged layer of skin, you're allowing newer, healthier skin to be exposed. Apply lip butter after using a lip polish and you'll have supersoft lips.

Shop milk + honey's Lip Butters and Lip Polishes:

milk + honey's Lip Butters and Polishes are formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients that hydrate and moisturize your skin. 


The sweet, subtle blend of almond and lemon instantly uplifts the senses in the nourishing Lip Butter No. 58.


Soft and smooth lips are a swipe away with the popular Lip Butter No. 40. Packed with hydrating ingredients, it's a beauty bag must-have. 



Buff away dry, chapped, and damaged skin with raw sugar-based Lip Polish No. 35



Moisturize and exfoliate your pout with the cardamom and vanilla Lip Polish No. 40

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