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6 Uplifting Accounts to Follow on Instagram

6 Uplifting Accounts to Follow on Instagram

It’s no secret that social media can be a positive tool for connectivity, but it can also create and nurture toxic thought patterns. To protect my personal online space, I’ve gotten pretty unapologetic with the mute, unfollow, and block buttons. On the flipside, it’s also helpful to mindfully surround yourself with accounts that simply make you happy. Whether it’s for a good laugh, education, positive vibes, or just eye candy, these are six of my current favorite Instagram follows.



If you’re on Instagram, you’re surely aware of Alex Elle. She’s also the host of the Hey, Girl podcast, where sisterhood and storytelling is paramount. The podcast’s Instagram features poignant, inspiring, and uplifting quotes from Alex’s esteemed guests. This is definitely a good place to go when you’re looking for direction, wise words, or even an emotional afternoon pick-me-up.



As a huge Real Housewives fan, I may be biased in saying that Danny Pellegrino is one of the most fun voices out there. But even if the latest Dorinda Medley gossip doesn’t interest you, Danny’s Instagram is a fun space for all things pop culture. Take for example his #JessicaThursday series, where he highlights throwbacks, deep cuts, and other random Jessica Simpson moments (mainly from the early 2000s) that will make you laugh, cry, or both. Danny’s page and podcast are filled with kindness and optimism that played a huge role in getting me through 2020.



If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you might know Kandis from her #artofthebath feature, where I already professed my adoration for her. As long as I’ve known Kandis (since high school), she’s always been the brightest light in the room. She’s one of those people that exudes joy, welcoming energy, and good vibes. And of course, she’s super stylish — I especially love her recent styling Reels! 



If you follow Gustavo, you know he offers up encouragement, and good vibes with a side of humor 24/7— literally. He greets his followers with a good morning story every day, sets intentions, shares good advice, self-care rituals, and is a great advocate for fitness and having a healthy relationship with your body. I loved his approach during the holidays, when he chose to speak out and shut down the “earn your turkey” type of language many trainers use around Thanksgiving. Because you can have your turkey and enjoy being active, too (obviously.)




If you’re a beauty or skincare fanatic who doesn’t already follow Matt, this is a sign. For skincare textures that are second to none, product reviews, and the occasional skincare meme, @dirtyboysgetclean is a must-follow. I especially enjoyed Matt’s posts featuring the lush, mauve gloves. So iconic.



Need a simple word of encouragement? Love bright colors? This account is like an instant serotonin boost — it’s a visual representation of all things fun and joyful. You can buy merch on her site, where she sells apparel, phone cases, prints, stationery, and more.


Who are your favorite uplifting Instagram follows? Let us know in the comments.

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