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Why We Embed Crystals Into Our Walls

Why We Embed Crystals Into Our Walls

If you have ever visited a milk + honey spa location, you've likely noticed an energy shift upon entering. Of course, any spa is meant to feel zen, but we go the extra mile to maintain clear energy in our spaces.

We work with Energy Catalyst, Stacy Davenport from the initial construction of new milk + honey spa locations to regular energy maintenance and clearing once we've opened. If you think about the emotional energy expelled during a massage or a hair appointment, it's easy to recognize how quickly it can add up. That's where Stacy comes in to clear the energy and ensure that everyone is held by a peaceful energetic vibration when entering milk + honey.

To set the tone for a new location, we meet with Stacy to embed crystals in the walls corresponding to the Feng Shui Bagua Map. We also sort through gratitude notes that milk + honey clients create in our spa lounges. Together, the crystals and gratitude notes create a literal foundation of gratitude and good energy for our new locations.


You should start by identifying the crystals that bring in the quality of energy. For example, if you want good communication, that’s pyrite. Everybody is different, so it’s about what’s needed for that individual. It’s always in flux and in movement. You just can’t go backwards when choosing crystals for your space.

—Stacy Davenport, Energy Catalyst



The crystals we use:

  • Amethyst: healing + inner strength
  • Selenite: high vibration + cleansing
  • Rose Quartz: love + partnerships
  • Malachite: empathy + synchronicity
  • Yellow Citrine: strong health mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Hematite: grounding + balance
  • Blue Kyanite: intution + inner wisdom
  • Black Tourmaline: flow + grace


Do you incorporate crystals into your home or business? Let us know in the comments. 🔮 

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