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What's Your Blend?

Our products are not only designed to nourish the body, but are also meant to uplift the spirit. While our high-quality, organic ingredients create an effective, good-for-you foundation, our curated essential oil blends are meant to enhance the experience of using our milk + honey products from start to finish. We encourage lots deep breaths. 


Blend No. 14: lavender | chamomile | neroli

What it does: Soothes, relaxes, makes you feel like the Ruler of Calm.
Aroma: Light, refreshing, herbaceous. 
Find it: Bath Soak | Bath & Body Oil | Body Wash 


Blend No. 16: pink grapefruit | bergamot | cardamom

What it does: Uplifts, energizes, and is known to brighten days.
Aroma: Fresh, citrusy, with floral undertones with a slightly spicier kick.
Find it: Body Cream | Body Wash | Hydrating Scrub 


Blend No. 18: eucalyptus | arnica | rosemary | sweet marjoram

What it does: Helps to relieve, invigorate, and rejuvenate sore muscles. Aches and pains be gone! 
Aroma: Sharp, acutely herbaceous, woodsy, earthy.
Find it: Bath Soak | Bath & Body Oil 

Blend No. 22: ylang ylang | rose geranium | petitgrain 

What it does: Provides a one-two punch of calm and stress relief. 
Aroma: Heady, slightly spicy, floral, and exotic.
Find it: Bath Soak | Bath & Body Oil | Body Cream 

Blend No. 46: sandalwood | vetiver | cardamom

What it does: Makes you feel right at home. Cue up the warm fuzzies.
Aroma: Warm, rich, woodsy with just a hint of spiciness.
Find it: Home Fragrance

Blend No. 35: blood orange | lemongrass | ginger

What it does: Invigorates and promotes circulation.
Aroma: Sweet, citrusy, fresh.
Find it: Hydrating Scrub | Hand Soap | Lip Polish

Blend No. 40: cardamom | vanilla

What it does: Boosts mood and provides antioxidants while soothing.
Aroma: Warm, sweet like freshly baked cookies.
Find it: Lip Polish | Lip Butter

Blend No. 08: lavender | eucalyptus 

What it does: Creates a peaceful, relaxing ambiance. 
Aroma: Fresh, clean, the lavender fields of Provence in the summertime. 
Find it: Home Fragrance | Hand Purifier


  • Marisa Tom
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