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A Breath of Fresh Air

Instead of using conventional aerosols in your home, which only mask odor, our Home Fragrances use pure, organic essential oils and organic denatured alcohol (read: no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances!) to refresh your space to delicately scent the air. 

While you may use these fragrances to freshen up any room, they also work well on linens, in your car, or even as a pillow spray.  

Take a deep breath and enjoy the signature scent of our spas waft through your home. Home Fragrance No. 8 is crafted with organic lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, which naturally purify the air and calm the senses. 


The warm, earthy scent of Home Fragrance No. 46 comes courtesy of sandalwood, vetiver, and cardamom essential oils, which create a heady and uplifting aroma.



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