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Our Elite Eight

March Madness, the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, is underway — and we are getting in on the fun with our own product-themed bracket. Take a look and see if your favorite made the cut. 

The No. 1 seed in our bracket? Calendula Cream. With a powerful combination of organic shea fruit butter and argan oil, this cream leaves skin feeling nourished and smooth. 

Ensure a relaxing post-game shower with Body Wash No. 16. Free of sulfates, detergents, artificial colors, and fragrances, this body wash cleanses and calms in equal parts. Plus, it's gentle enough for all skin types!

Your lips will be ready to kiss the trophy, thanks to Lip Polish No. 40. Combining organic sugar granules with honey, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, this duo buffs away dry skin and conditions your lips. 


Meet newcomer, Cream Deodorant No. 33. With an invigorating blend of coconut and lemongrass, this 100% aluminum-free is effective, long-lasting, and won't stain your clothes. Ideal for those nail-biting moments.


Get back in the game quicker with our Arnica Balm. Formulated with a potent concentration of arnica flower extract, arnica flower oil, and ginger extract, this gym bag must-have helps relieve muscle and joint pain, bruising, and swelling. 


Keep your skin hydrated with Body Cream No. 22. This rich body cream utilizes organic aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, green tea extract, and Vitamin E to moisturize your skin while providing powerful antioxidant protection. 


The big three —aches, pains, and tension — is no match for Bath & Body Oil No. 18. Organic eucalyptus, rosemary, sweet marjoram, and arnica oils help reduce inflammation while organic ginger extract stimulates the blood flow aiding in quicker recovery time.  


No bracket is complete without the fan favorite, Everything Oil. Developed using a blend of 100% pure organic jojoba, argan, avocado, and rosehip oil, this multitasking oil will leave your hair, skin, and nails healthier and happier.  


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