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Rose Quartz Facial Roller

$ 32.00

Tone. The Rose Quartz roller supports enhanced blood circulation through facial massage, which may increase product absorption and improve the look of dull skin. It also aids in lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce the appearance of inflammation, puffiness, and wrinkles. Rose Quartz corresponds with the heart chakra, which promotes self-love, inner peace, and energy healing.



After applying your favorite serum or face oil, start at the base of your neck and gently roll upward and outward. From there, roll from your jawline up toward the middle of your cheeks. Then, roll from the middle of your chin toward each ear. Continue with broad strokes and gradually move up your face. Using the small end of the roller, start at the inner corner of each eye and roll out toward your temples. Repeat this motion on the eyebrows, starting from the inner part of the brow and moving toward your temples. Finish at the center of your forehead, rolling either left or right, toward your temple.



1. Repeat each stroke at least three times per side.

2. Apply a light, comfortable pressure when rolling.

3. Use the Rose Quartz roller in the morning and evening to reinforce the benefits of lymphatic drainage.


PRO TIP: While rose quartz stone is naturally cool, place in the refrigerator or on ice for an extra soothing effect. The cold temperature will enhance the roller's ability to improve circulation.