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SolaWave Blue Light Therapy Wand

$ 119.00

A multifunctional facial tool with blue LED light therapy, facial massage, and therapeutic warming in an easy-to-use and portable design. Combat blemishes and boost skin's radiance, indulge in daily self-care with science-backed technology and sleek design. Get glowing, healthier-looking skin.


Use the SolaWave Advanced Blue Light Therapy Wand with our Activating Serum or a topical of your choice. Use for 5-30 minutes per day without makeup on a clean face. The wand is touch-activated and works best on hydrated skin. Avoid eyes, chest, and groin.                                                                   

  • SolaWave can be used on most areas of your face: forehead, under eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and upper lip.
  • The SolaWave Wand forms two distinct positions: (1) the vertical “I” orientation and (2) the rotated “T-bar” position.
  • When using the wand, glide across your face in an upward and outward movement.
  • Clean your SolaWave Wand by spraying a dry cloth with water or disinfecting spray and wiping down the head.