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we’re honored to be part of Zoë Kravitz’s routine

we’re honored to be part of Zoë Kravitz’s routine

In case you missed it, the (always iconic) Zoë Kravitz shared her skincare routine via Vogue's bingeable Beauty Secrets Youtube series. Spoiler alert — the routine was absolutely goddess-like from start to finish. We're so honored that she included our bestselling Cream Deodorant Nº 20 in her regimen.

From Zoe:

"I’ve been on quite a journey with natural deodorants in general because a lot of them don’t work… this is one of the first ones that truly, truly works. Lasts all day and smells delicious."

Check out her full routine:

Shop Cream Deodorant Nº 20:

Deodorant is the first foray into clean beauty for many shoppers, which is why we've formulated a variety of blends, strengths, and formats to choose from. We offer Extra Strength (with a ton of baking soda), Regular Strength (with a little less baking soda), and Baking Soda-Free (for the most sensitive skin.) Our deodorants also come in five blends: 

    Not sure where to start?

    Take our quick deodorant quiz to find your perfect strength here.
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