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You Asked, We Answered: Hand Purifier

You Asked, We Answered: Hand Purifier

Our Hand Purifier has been a milk + honey bestseller for years. But with the recent increased demand, we want to ensure all of your questions are answered regarding the efficacy, ingredients, and pricing of our Hand Purifier.

We've answered the most frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to drop any additional questions in the comments.


Why is it called Hand Purifier, not a Sanitizer? Are they different?

Before COVID-19, we would have had to go through FDA testing (for over-the-counter products) to legally call our product a Sanitizer. At this time, they have relaxed the law to allow for more products to be on the market faster. It’s just a technical naming difference and doesn’t change our formula or effectiveness. We have always been compliant with the CDC recommendation of at least 60% ethyl alcohol content for efficacy.

Update (4.24.20): Our formulation is now 80% alcohol content, which is both CDC and FDA-compliant.

Why is it 60% alcohol? Didn't it used to be 70%? Why did it change?

When alcohol was temporarily in short supply, we decided to cut back to the CDC recommendation of 60%. However, we’ve decided to go back to 80% alcohol content. Both are effective and meet CDC guidelines. 

 As of 4.24.20, both the 1 and 4 fl oz. feature 80% alcohol, which is both CDC and FDA-compliant.

Is the package plastic or glass? 

Both our 1 and 4 fl. oz. packaging is plastic. Because of supply chain/component delays, we have temporary 1 oz. glass bottles as we wait for our usual component to be in stock again. 

Is SD-Alcohol 40B diluted/denatured? Does that mean it's not effective?

We use 190 to 200 proof SD-Alcohol 40B, which is not diluted. All personal care-grade alcohols are denatured. We are using FDA-approved alcohol material that is very effective.

Why did the price go down? 

For the past five years, we've been making alcohol-based Hand Purifier. But it goes without saying that clean hands matter even more these days, and thus, effective alcohol-based products have been in acute demand. 

We have struggled to meet demand — the supply chain of the components that we use for packaging have been severely disrupted — we've finally been able to work through these issues and, as a result of increased production, generate better economies of scale. While our Hand Purifier pricing has always reflected our standards for high quality, non-toxic ingredients, we are now able to offer this product — in two convenient sizes — at a lower price point. 

I wanted to personally share this update because it's a sensitive one at an unusual, uncertain time. I want to thank everyone who has already purchased Hand Purifier — or any products offered on — as you have personally helped us get our products to scale. 

As always, all product sales assist our efforts to support our milk + honey team members, many of whom are not currently able to work, as our spas and salons are temporarily closed. We are so grateful for your continued support and patronage. 

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Tom Porta - October 18, 2020

We’ve purchased a number of the 4.0 oz bottle hand sanitizers and hate to throw them away when they are empty even though they are working perfectly. Do you have any plans to sell a larger refill bottle maybe 16 or 20 oz so we could refill our spray bottles?

Emily Messinger - September 8, 2020

Will you be offering 4oz size bottles again in the near future?

Stella - August 8, 2020

When will you have more 4 oz bottles for sale?

Susan HIll - July 14, 2020

Does the milk + honey hand purifier come in a larger size than the 1oz.?

milk + honey - May 11, 2020

Hi all,

Our apologies for any confusion regarding the percentage of alcohol in our Hand Purifier.

Any orders from 4.24.20 onward will feature 80% alcohol, which is both CDC and FDA-compliant.

When alcohol was temporarily in short supply, we decided to cut back to the CDC recommendation of 60%. However, we’ve decided to go back to 80% alcohol content. Both are effective and meet CDC guidelines. 

Thank you!
milk + honey team

Sally - April 27, 2020

I just ordered 6 hand purifiers….60% alcohol. I was a bit nervous about the 60% to begin with but have had trouble finding sanitizer.. Now I am wondering if I should reorder? COVID-19 is nothing to play with. The higher formulation will be more effective is that right?

LN Ross - April 18, 2020

Hello there!

Happy to see that you have a hand purifier. In coronavirus literature that I’ve read, the 60% alcohol content you detail in the product description is more effective than a higher alcohol content. Is the product description on the website correct?

Ps. I applaud the use of glass bottles as they are both friendlier to the environment and better for what’s stored inside of them. Well done!

Elizabeth King - April 18, 2020

Like the above. The bottle claims 60% alcohol but your FAQs state you’ve gone back to 80%. Which is it? And how much alcohol is in the bottle versus the other ingredients? It’s supposed to be 2 parts alcohol to one part anything else? Please clarify. If it is, I’m ready and grateful to buy but right now I can’t tell what I’m purchasing. Thank you!

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