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What is Manifestation Monday?

What is Manifestation Monday?

At milk + honey HQ, we honor a small weekly practice at that has been known to yield big results. We call it Manifestation Monday. It's on our calendar to remind us to stop, reflect, and share things we want to achieve. Sometimes, we quickly discuss it aloud. Other times, we'll write it down and post it visibly in the office. Recently, we even held a vision board building happy hour at our spa to engage our community in the magic of manifestation. We have found that simply acknowledging these desires and supporting one another can be extremely powerful.


Why it's a good habit:

It's important to advocate for what you want, what you deserve, and what you want to create. Sharing it aloud or writing it down allows those around you to offer support and hold you accountable. Worst case scenario, it's only an act of meditation or positive thinking. If you ask us, that's still time well spent.

Tip: Add it to your calendar to begin the week with your goals in mind.


How we practice this habit:

Find a few friends who want to practice Manifestation Monday. It can be as formal as a 15-minute slot on your calendar with co-workers or as casual as a weeklyl group text with close pals. Each person should share what they want, record it in writing, and make it visible in daily life. (Ideas: at your desk, in your car, or on the background of your phone.) Be sure to support one another, advocate for yourself in your daily life, and be patient with the timing of the universe.


Helpful people to follow for this habit:

Gabby Bernstein

Lisa Nichols

Lacy Phillips

Lalah Delia

Deepak Chopra

Marianne Williamson


What are you manifesting this week? Let us know below and tag us in your #ManifestationMonday posts on Instagram.

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