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Five-sensory bath, curated by an Instagram beauty blogger | #ArtOfTheBath

Five-sensory bath, curated by an Instagram beauty blogger | #ArtOfTheBath

Last year, my boss sent over a cool, new beauty influencer named @devsday. “I love her Instagram stories,” she said, “she’s really funny and honest.” Of course, I had to follow. Throughout the past year, Devan’s collection of beautiful images and well-informed reviews has grown into a space that facilitates radically transparent conversations about self-image, taking prescription pills for hormonal acne, and quarter-life crises — all while still highlighting her beauty products of the moment. She even started esthetician school this year, making her product reviews even more in-the-know. If you want to bathe like a beauty blogger (and a soon-to-be esthetician), you’re in luck. Scroll on for Devan’s five-sensory #ArtOfTheBath.

Tell our followers a little about yourself:

I am an Aquarius through and through. I love traveling and eating my way through every city. My favorite being Paris, but Lima, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Chicago are all close seconds.


I am a big fan of palo santo–it's sweet, but also woody. I also enjoy woody scents like Diptyque's Oud and Feu de Bois, especially in the fall and winter. I'm from New England originally, so it reminds me of the wood stove I grew up with, and all my memories around the holidays.


I've been obsessed with Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and now her Netflix show. There's something so relaxing about organizing and watching others organize, and while I have a massive beauty collection because of my blog, I am really a minimalist everywhere else in my life. It's so inspiring to live life in a more minimal way.


I love the milk + honey Milk Bath No 5, with coconut, lemon, and vanilla. This scent pairs so well with my woodsy candles, and it leaves my skin hydrated and soft. I like to seal everything in with the milk + honey Everything Oil afterwards. This combo keeps my skin silky smooth.


I love peppermint tea and although occasionally I will trade it in for a glass of red wine, I love how relaxing hot tea is while I'm soaking in the tub.

I am a big fan of the Acoustic Covers playlist on Spotify. So many of my favorite songs but in a more relaxing format. I highly recommend!

For more, follow @devsday on Instagram.
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