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SILKE London Silk Hair Ties in Frida

$ 39.00

The SILKE hair ties are unlike any other band, beautifully handcrafted to glide effortlessly over your hair to eliminate snapping, clawing, and kinks, they're all the hold without the damage.

  • No snapping or damage. Covered in 100% pure silk, the SILKE hair ties glide against hair, eliminating the friction, clawing, and snapping of abrasive traditional elastics, which prevent damage, breakages, and split-ends.
  • No kinks. The 100% silk prevents kinks, so you can transition from high pony to letting your locks loose from day to night with ease.
  • Anti-tug. Anti-snag. Silky smooth and with no clasps = no tugging. So putting your hair up won’t mean pulling it out as you let it back down.
  • Stronghold. A specially-selected super elastic interior means you can run, walk, work, and play without your pony moving an inch out of place.


Tie your hair up in a pony or bun — without risk of kinks or damage.


One size fits all. Includes six hair ties. 


100% silk exterior; elastic interior.