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Rael Organic Cotton Core Tampons with BPA-Free Applicators

$ 7.00
by Rael

Making your heavy days feel light and your light days feel even lighter, our tampons are scientifically formulated with certified organic cotton and housed in a slim BPA-free applicator for peak performance and comfort.


1. Unwrap — Wash your hands, take the product out of the wrapper and pull the
string to ensure it is properly attached.
2. Insert — Get into a comfortable position. Hold the tampon with your thumb and
middle finger on the outer tube of the tampon and slide the tampon into
the vagina at a slight upward angle.
3. Push — Push the inner tube with your index finger all the way in, then remove the
applicator once the tampon has been inserted.
4. Removal — Slowly and gently pull the string attached to the tampon.
Tampon should be changed every 4 to 8 hours. Always make sure that you've removed the last tampon before inserting another.


Absorbent Core: 100% certified organic cotton  | Applicator: BPA-free