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Baby Foot Peel

$ 25.00

This innovative one-hour foot peel treatment will make your feet smooth and soft, just like a baby’s foot. Most foot exfoliant products can leave your feet dry and raw, but not Baby Foot. It moisturizes while it exfoliates to create a luxurious experience you’ve never had before. 


This lavender-scented product come with two booties. Just slip the booties on, put a pair of socks over them, and let everything sit for an hour. When your time is up, remove the booties, rinse your feet and go about your daily life. Before long, dead skin will start peeling off your feet. You can peel this as it goes, never having to feel like you need to remove more than will comfortably come off.


The product features 16 natural extracts which are scientifically formulated to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.