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The Road Thai Facial Roller

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The Road Thai Facial rollers utilize a double-sphere parallel configuration, allowing for accurate stimulation of the trigger points and acupressure points of the face, neck, and decolletage. The parallel spheres help to gently squeeze muscles between the two roller heads, adding to the muscle relaxation impact. The double spheres "hug" bony prominences of the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows, giving them extra love.  


Regular use can create a firming and smoothing effect. The stone spheres roll lightly across the delicate tissues without tugging or pulling, while increasing blood flow and unblocking tension patterns. Thai facial rollers with the double sphere roller style create a soothing and cooling effect initially, followed by a warming and activating effect on the muscles and connective tissue of the face. 


Olivine (green) is an under-appreciated gemstone that is born within the molten lava of the earth's upper mantle. It is a stone of transformation and melting blockages. Within its internal glittering facets, olivine harnesses the light and power of the sun to encourage positive change, releasing negative patterns and energies that no longer serve.

Olivine helps manifest abundance while releasing petty jealousy and comparison. This stone is used for bringing clarity and balance to multiple aspects of life, with courage.

Opalite (translucent) reflects the silvery light of the moon, softly glowing with a sense of hope and security. 

Opalite is a type of glass that was especially popular during the Gilded Age. The glass is cool at room temperature and provides a beautiful, soothing facial massage experience.

Tiger's Eye (marbled brown) stones seem to hold an inherent charisma, with their contrasting glow and reflection.

Qualities of Tigers eye: Emphasize the balance of beauty and power inherent in one's being. The Sun and Earth combine in its gold and brown reflective surface, symbolizing harmony and fertility. Used for stimulating courage, perception, and prosperity, and reducing anxiety. Helps balance left and right brain, yin and yang energy. 

Rose Quartz (pink) glows softly, and it glides smoothly over the surface of the skin. It helps to bring out this glow in your own skin by stimulating and refining the skin texture, especially when cooled before usage.

Rose quartz can fade in bright light. Please store in a dark space, ideally on a bed of salt in a non-plastic container. 

Qualities of Rose Quartz:  Considered to be a crystal of unconditional love– connects with the heart and helps resolve emotional wounds. Supports beauty, imagination, nurturing, mothering, sensuality. Encourages rest, and helps the circulatory system.

Amethyst (deep purple) is a type of quartz, which will feel slightly "glassy" and roll smoothly over the surface of the skin. This stone helps create a gentle glow and refining of the skin surface, especially when cooled before usage.

Amethyst can fade in bright light. Please store in a dark space, ideally on a bed of salt in a non-plastic container. 

Qualities of Amethyst:  The “all-healer.” Its deep purple hue helps balance and soothe high temperaments. Can help release grief and encourage creativity.  Embodies the union of spirits and soothes the nervous system.

Lapis Lazuli (deep blue) is a composite of several minerals, including lazurite, sodalite, calcite, and pyrite. Lazurite is dark blue, sodalite is light blue, calcite is white, and pyrite is a reflective gold. Humans have prized lapis lazuli's physical and energetic qualities for over 6,500 years. The stone is slightly softer than quartz, allowing it to grip the surface of the skin and help move the connective tissue below. 

Qualities of Lapis lazuli:  The deep blue stone flecked with pyrite mimics a starry sky, facilitating meditation, deep thought, honesty, and wisdom. Stimulates communication with true intent and confidence. Thought to help alleviate insomnia and may help reduce bruising and skin congestion.