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Our Team's Recommendations for National Read A Book Day

Our Team's Recommendations for National Read A Book Day

Did you know today is National Read a Book Day? This year has certainly been a good year for reading, as quarantine provided many with ample time to finally finish that book on the nightstand or even stick to a consistent book club. And since that's one thing to celebrate about 2020, we're here to do so. Scroll on for some of our team's favorite current reads.

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Lov
Name: Rachel
Role: Director of Merchandising
Book of choice: Daring Greatly
Author: Brené Brown
Why I love it: While I've been a fan of Brené Brown's work for some time, I finally decided now -- during a global pandemic -- would be a fitting time to read Daring Greatly. Brown's message of finding strength through our vulnerability is particularly timely as we all find new ways to connect with one another. And I am forever grateful for her reminder that the way to find the light is through darkness, not around it. 

Heavy: An American Memoir: Laymon, Kiese: 9781501125652: Books
Name: Marisa
Role: Marketing Director
Book of choice: Heavy
Author: Kiese Laymon 
Why I love it:¬†I finished Laymon's memoir in one weekend. It simply begs to be devoured, and more notably, it is¬†the¬†kind of¬†book¬†you want (and should)¬†read¬†again. Written in¬†the¬†second person and directed to his Mother in beautiful, heartwrenching prose, Laymon reckons with his past ‚ÄĒ from childhood through almost-present¬†day¬†‚ÄĒ as well as our collective one. By rendering his own experiences¬†and family dynamic through¬†the¬†lens of American racism and America's weight-obsessed culture, you'll find yourself confronted with not only Laymon's brave, loving truths, but¬†a¬†personal reckoning of your own, too. It should be required reading.

Name: Claire
Role: Product Operations Coordinator
Book of choice: Americanah
Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Why I love it: I started reading this book initially as a recommendation from my racism un-learning zoom group. Most people would recognize Adichie from Beyonce's album, Lemonade, where she is featured as the spoken word poet in "Flawless". In Americanah, however, I quickly fell in love with Adichie's unique viewpoint of not only  Black women but those of non-American descent. This book has been especially helpful for me as I navigate both educating myself on racism and dating my Nigerian boyfriend, who at the very least sees America a little differently than me. This book brings to light an exceptional group of immigrants and how their culture plays into America as we know it today. Notably, I was struck by the necessary "filters" a Black person must see through in order to "succeed" or just be safe in America, most of which I have never had to consider as a White woman. Ultimately, this book was funny, sad, romantic, entertaining and most importantly enlightening, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for that next great read.

Name: Teresa
Role: Director of Operations
Book of choice: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Author: Gail Honeyman
Why I love it: Eleanor is socially awkward and sometimes accidentally offensive. Her perspective is both rationally insensitive, yet you warm up to her character as you learn why she has developed this harshness. Throughout the book I found myself cheering her on, and hoping she would find acceptance, if not real love. It's simultaneously funny, warm and heartbreaking.
Bonus ‚ÄĒ Forever¬†Book¬†of choice: Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth series)
Author: Terry Goodkind
Why I love it: I read this entire 13 book series about 10 years ago. The author has also written a prequel series that includes a story spinoff with the two main characters. I have started re-reading this series, and hope to finish all 21 in the next couple of years! Fantasy at its best - wizards, dragons, war, magic swords, magic creatures all in a magical land, and of course, a love story at the epicenter. Fantasy books are my favorite escape from life, stress, and obviously the PANDEMIC.

Name: Cherilyn
Role: Concierge & Reservations Manager
Book of choice: Daisy Jones and the Six
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid 
Why I love it: This book gave me so much nostalgia for 70's rock and roll. It tells a story about the rise and fall of a fictional band, and how the lines between real life and performance can become pretty blurred. The author was inspired by the real life story of the members of Fleetwood Mac, a band who used their own heartbreak to write iconic music, and performed together for 40 years despite personal issues. This book is unique and intriguing, I'm ready to read it again! 

Name: Dree
Role: Brand Marketing Manager
Book of choice: Everything I Know About Love
Author: Dolly Alderton
Why I love it:  One of my best friends surprised me by sending her copy of this book along with a note that said "I loved this and I think you'll love it, too." She was right. Dolly Alderton takes you on a ride with real-life tales from the friend group of her early 20's in way that makes you want to text all of your college friends just to say "I miss you." I'm about halfway through the book, but this memoir has been a welcome escape into relatable retellings, all infused with much secondhand embarrassment and actual LOLs. Alderton is funny and this book is F-U-N. Highly recommend if you need a laugh.

We want to know ‚ÄĒ what are you reading? Let us know in the comments.
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